fyndme.at …

Scaling up from a test project, fyndme.at will provide a launch and search platform for a social network connected generation.

Borrowing heavily from an idea over 100 years old, it aims to be the digital calling card for a new millenium.

Say hi to soshlyz.com & soshlyz.net

As part of Triadix Networks, soshlyz aims to create a community space that fits between the major social network platforms. More than twitter, less bloat than facebook, and a little more curation than reddit.

Its going to take awhile to build out, but follow along and join in as we carve out a new frontier on the internet.

Welcome Back

The hackers beat me to performing an upgrade to this site by 2 days. While planning the upgrade, they had jumped in and wiped the site clean.

I am working on some exciting things in the background, so in the mean time this is serving as a placeholder.